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How to Write a Strong Introduction Paragraph

The introduction to any academic writing is very important. This is where you are expected to make an impression that will make the reader get the interest to read through your work. If things are properly handled here; you can make your reader go through every word. So how do you piece together the magic words that are relevant to your work that will make your readers hooked up?

What you are about reading represents the strategies that you can use to achieve the best results that will make your work stand out amid the crowded pack. 

The information to include here

 Three major attributes should be included in the introduction of your academic work in other to make it complete. The hook statement will make the reader interested in going through your work all the way. There must be the thesis statement that is going to form the basis of your work. The third thing that must be included in the introduction of your work is the context which will give some explanations about the topic.

How to hook the reader       

The hook statement is the core substance in the introduction. How do you go about grabbing the attention of your readers right from the introductory lines of your paper? The following tricks will be of valuable help: 

Curiosity: You can begin by sparking off curiosity in the mind of your readers. Bring together the words that will make them adjust their seats and you are on your way to gaining their attention.

Humor: Another weapon that you can use to catch the attention of your readers is humor. With a good dose of humor related to your work; you are going to achieve the results that mattered.

Begin with a question: Ask the question relating to your topic and tell them that you have the right answers that they never imagined in the body of your work.

Quote: Get a relevant quote that will bring out the beauty in your work and begin on that note. You are going to capture the attention of your readers.

What to exclude:

Now that we have talked extensively on how to get it right with your hook sentence, we shall go into details of what to exclude from the introductory part of your work.

Avoid clichés: Do not rely on the words manufactured by others in your introduction. This is your show and you are expected to use your own words that convey more meaning and weight.

Definitions: It will be of help to leave out definitions in this section of your work because it will not add color to it. Where most people are familiar with the definition you are lifting into your introduction, it will not make any sense at the end of the day.

Avoid being vague: What you needed here is but a few words to make an impression. Make every word count in the introduction and leave out the main explanation for the body of your research paper.

Leave out the specifics: The specifics are meant for the body of your paper. It must not be included in the introduction.

Length of introduction

The introduction should not be more than three to five sentences. Each of the sentences should be between the ranges of 50-80 words in length. That is the standard; the elaboration of points should be left to the body of the research paper. 

Final thoughts

If you wanted to get everything right about the introduction to your research paper; then you can draw inspiration through what we have above.

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