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Formatting Requirements for Thesis & Dissertation

The final manuscript for a Texas must have the ready for publication look. It must contain all the standardized features, and it should also get reproduced attractively. Therefore, every student’s responsibility is to ensure that formatting is aligned with the requirements put forward by their department. Appendices, text, and the introductory material must be consistently and prepared, and they should meet all the Expectations and specifications as saved by the facility or department. Here are some of the format guidelines for thesis.


A long-lived and acid-free paper must get utilized for the copies of the thesis. The article is free from acid. You need to check through the packaging of the content. You can also check with their manufacturer if you think the paper is free from acid, but it has not been indicated on the package. The content is discrete to the student entirely. You may use photographic paper to print images because you won’t incur any extra charges. You need to ensure that your final copies produce a consistent print quality without dark or grey cast and background. You also must ensure that all your documents are on white paper measuring 8.5 by 11 inches. You may submit double-sided copies of your work, but you must ensure that all the margins have been realigned on every binding edge to one and a half inches.


The size of the type should be between 10 and 12 points. Ensure that you avoid using the Script or other ornamental fonts because they are not required. The print should be near the letter quality, having dark black characters which are crisp, clear, and easy to read. Hand annotations and accent marks should be neatly done using black ink. You can look through the thesis formatting guide for word to learn more about typeface.


The margins all the edges of binding, which will mean the left if it is single-sided or the right for the pages that are numbered evenly, and the left for the odd-numbered pages in case they are double-sided, must all be 1.5 inches. Ensure that all the other margins are at one inch. The pagination, footers, and headers can get placed within the same margin but not close to one and a half-inch from the paper’s edge. For double-sided copies, you must ensure that all the margins are 1.5 inches.


double or one-and-a-half spacing is a requirement within the main body of your manuscript, with exceptions of conventional calls to use single spacing in tables, footnotes, or indented quotations.

Text and word divisions

you must ensure that your words are divided correctly at the end of lines and that they’re not divided from a page on to the next one. Utilize a standard dictionary when determining what division. Avoid using short lines to end a paragraph while you are at the top of a given page and any subheading or heading that may appear at the bottom of any page which is not closely followed by any text.


Ensure that the thesis is written in English, and there could only be exceptions when granted by the Dean of the school only if the students submit a written request coming from the chair of the student’s department. Dissertations written in a different language must have an extended summary written in English, between 15 and 20 pages in total length.


Choose the standard type that has been approved by the department and ensures that you use it consistently. You can choose to use the modern language association, which many institutions or the APA use. If you follow these thesis format guidelines, you will get enough thesis formatting help that you need.

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