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Electronics Engineering Thesis Topics

Among the multiple types of dissertations, an electronic engineering thesis not only calls for in-depth research but also consumes the most resources. Owing to its complexity, it is essential to select a topic carefully to avoid triggering a series of headaches.

Owing to the panoply of changes that occur in the electrical engineering niche, selecting a current topic, you are well versed with could prove a daunting task. The following ideas ought to come in handy to help you overcome the first hurdle in electronics engineering thesis writing.

  1. UHVDC (Ultrahigh Voltage Direct Current) Technology
  2. Smart grid and microgrid meter reading systems
  3. Grid interconnection of renewable energy sources at the distribution level and the effects on power quality
  4. V2G and G2V power transfer issues 
  5. Comparison for power outputs of wind driven generator Passive Converter Circuits
  6. Grid-connected plants protection
  7. Random Access Protocols
  8. BH Laser beam divergence
  9. Automatic mobile recharging stations
  10. Micro controlled power-based theft identifier
  11. Sensor-based motion detecting/ control systems
  12. Monitoring system for power/ electronic theft
  13. Automatic energy management systems
  14. Robotic legs
  15. Energy-efficient lighting options
  16. Quantum computing
  17. Load flow study in power supply networks
  18. Solar application in pumping water
  19. Voltage surge identification and protection systems
  20. RFID based electronic cards
  21. Commercial automatic temperature regulating systems
  22. Automatic fire extinguishing systems
  23. Maximization of wind power collection
  24. Distance measuring systems via ultrasonic mechanisms
  25. Sign language converter
  26. Vehicle over-speed and accident curbing systems
  27. Nanoelectronic circuits for extending complementary metal-oxide semi-conductors
  28. Wireless data transmission and acquisition

Tips for writing an electronic engineering thesis

Having selected a topic that you can swiftly handle, the next step is to prepare your essay: you can do it on your own or pay for thesis writing online. To get the full monty of points, it is essential to get every area right and present your essay in the required format.


To ace the introductory part of your thesis, you ought to elaborate on the purpose of your thesis and methods used to gauge various parameters. For a more relaxed time going about this, jot down points as you go around multiple processes thus readily recalling numerous processes.

In addition to this, it is essential that you engage multiple resources to back your argument with adequate facts. To make an impact on your reader, organize ideas in a manner that they flow and that each idea sits in its independent paragraph.


Among the areas that can cost you marks in a thesis is the neatness. To achieve an appealing essay, use short paragraphs with each paragraph carrying an idea and its supporting statement.

To link your paragraphs, you may opt to use a linking word from the previous section or connectives, thus making it easy to shift from a chapter to the other.

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